Guidelines for Submission to the Archive for Medieval Prosopography

Paper submissions should be at least 15 and no more than 150 double-spaced pages. Language is English, but other Western languages of scholarship will be considered under particular circumstances. Machine readable format, either ODT, DOC or RTF.

Exceptions to the following stylistic guidelines are possible in particular instances.

References are provided in numbered footnotes, which include short titles only. Complete bibliographical information appears in separate Bibliography, with titles arranged alphabetically by author:

(footnote) See Kantorowicz, King’s Two Bodies, 45-7.
(bibliography) Kantorowicz, Ernst H. The King’s Two Bodies. A Study in Medieval Political Theology. Princeton, New Jersey, 1957.

Journal articles, essays in collections, and unpublished works are cited with double quotation marks:

(journal) Bugmann, Kuno. “Der Mönch Wolfgang.” Studien und Mitteilungen zur Geschichte des Benediktinerordens 78 (1967) 9-27.
(collection) Ganshof, François. “The Use of the Written Word in Charlemagne’s Administration.” In id. The Carolingians and the Frankish Monarchy. Studies in Carolingian History. Transl. Janet Sondheimer. Ithaca-New York, 1971. Pp. 125-42.
(unpublished) Schweighöfer, Rudolf. “Die Eigenmächtigkeit der deutschen Fürsten im Spiegel der auswärtigen Politik. Eine Studie zur politischen Einheit des Deutschen Reiches von 843 bis 1077.” Ph.D. diss. Frankfurt am Main, 1957.

Multi-volume works are usually cited as individual volumes in the footnote, but as complete sets in the bibliographical entry:

(footnote) Codex Laureshamensis, I, no. 119.
(bibliography) Codex Laureshamensis. Ed. Karl Glöckner. 3 vols. Darmstadt, 1929-36.

Works in series:

(bibliography) Lauer, Philippe. Robert Ier et Raoul de Bourgogne (923-936). Bibliothèque de l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes, Sciences historiques et philologiques 188. Paris, 1910.

Footnotes should avoid the expressions ibid., loc. cit., and id., unless the references are consecutive within a single footnote. Acronymic abbreviations of titles may be used in either the footnotes or the bibliography, but a separate List of Abbreviations should precede Bibliography.

Paper submissions in languages other than English may be prepared in a commonly accepted stylistic format, with short titles in footnotes and complete bibliographical information in separate Bibliography.

Copyright: The publisher maintains the right to distribute accepted papers in the manner prescribed and receives payment from subscribers to defray costs. Copyright subsists in the author, who is not limited as to use, except as regards the continuous rights of the publisher.